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SUMISEN Women's Short Socks

SUMISEN Women's Short Socks

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KIRYOS women's socks made from functional material.

We use SUMISEN, which is made by treating natural cotton at high temperatures, turning it into charcoal, and then kneading it back into thread.

The charcoal grey SUMISEN on the toes and heels offers a variety of benefits, including deodorizing, antibacterial, far-infrared, moisture-regulating, warming, and blood circulation promoting properties.

The logo on the upper is made of water-absorbent and quick-drying yarn, making it ideal for walking. It is a pair of shoes that you can wear casually for everyday use.

These socks use charcoal to keep your feet warm during the chilly seasons of spring, autumn and winter. On the back is the KIRYOS logo for "OUTING"!

By drying in the sun after washing, the effectiveness will last almost indefinitely and these socks are comfortable to wear.

The product will be delivered in KIRYOS original packaging.

The upper part has the SUMISEN x KIRYOS collaboration logo.

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  • 52% cotton
  • 45% polyester
  • 2% Nylon
  • Polyurethane 1%

Made in Japan

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