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KIRYOS Embroidery Short Sleeve T-shirt

KIRYOS Embroidery Short Sleeve T-shirt

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Size Guide

Size cm M L
Length 70 73
shoulder width 50 54
Chest width 55 59
Hem width 55 59
Sleeve Length twenty two twenty five

A simple and versatile short-sleeved T-shirt.

The brand logo "Kiryos" embroidered on the chest pocket is just the right amount of accent.

Uses 100% cotton material woven with empty spun yarn with a thick and dry texture. Because it is sturdy and thick, it can be worn alone and stylishly. In addition, it has a smooth texture and is very comfortable to wear in the summer.

It is also a great point that it goes well with jackets and hoodies by making it short sleeves.

In addition, since it is made with a round body that does not have side seams, it does not add stress to your comfort and you can spend a comfortable time even when traveling.

Available in two colors, black and white. Both are useful colors that you don't have to worry about coordinating.

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  • 100% cotton

Made in Japan

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