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SEN tote bag

SEN tote bag

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Size cm F


W 46


A large capacity tote bag that can store a lot of luggage.

The pockets on both sides are large and functional, making them easy to store things inside.

In addition, the simple form is accented with a casual design. It is a unisex type that is easy to coordinate and can be used in a variety of situations.

The Taslan nylon used is characterized by its light weight. The processing characteristics give it a soft texture and a cotton-like natural look, while still being durable.

Its excellent durability makes it perfect for everyday use. Taslan nylon is wrinkle-resistant, so it can be carried on business trips and trips. You can easily move around with just this one bag, whether you're sightseeing or on business. It's very light, so you won't even notice it even if you're carrying a lot of luggage.

Use the built-in pockets to organize your belongings. In addition to the pockets on both sides of the outer layer, there are two large pockets inside.

The front and back are the same size and secured with Velcro for added security. For small items, you can conveniently use the small space hidden in the side pocket.

This is a great way to organize your belongings in a tote bag, which can be difficult to do. *"trvelKiryosprod." developed as a travel item.

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  • 100% nylon

Made in Japan

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